RenSti - Offset Your Carbon Footprint Through a Monthly Subscription

Fight for a Greener World

With a membership at RenSti, you can offset your monthly carbon footprint by financing carbon-reducing projects.


How To Offset Your Footprint


We all emit carbon through our lifestyle. This happens when we drive, go shopping, eat meat, buy clothes or heat our homes.


By answering questions about your lifestyle in our carbon calculator, we can tell you how much carbon you emit each month.


We then offset your carbon emission by financing carbon-reducing projects, verified by the strictest industry standards. Read more about the process here.

Memberships & One-Time Amounts

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Calculate and offset your personal carbon emissions.


Optional Monthly Membership

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How a Monthly Membership Works

As a member of RenSti, you’re guaranteed to remove at least as much carbon as you emit. We only finance carbon-reducing projects that are verified by the strictest industry standards.

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“I’m a member and I pay each month. The money goes to a more sustainable future. I hope that you have the time and resources to join.”
Uffe Elbæk
MP & Political Leader, Alternativet