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RenSti for Businesses

The following is an overview of companies that have offset their carbon emissions through a membership at RenSti. As a company, you can contact us through our contact form. We’ll get back to you about calculating your business’ approximate emissions.

We offer you two types of memberships:
1) A membership that removes approximately your company’s total carbon emissions.

2) A membership that removes more than your company’s total carbon emissions. With this membership, you can make your business Carbon-Positive. This means that you remove/avoid more carbon than you emit.

Certificates and marketing materials
All company members will receive our “Carbon Positive” certificate as a physical sticker and as a png file. This certificate can be used as a marketing product on your shop window or on your website. In addition, on a certificate in pdf format, we will explain what sustainable effect your membership will have. We upload the PDF certificate on our website as proof of your membership. Below is a collection of our current members’ certificates.