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How Is Your Money spent?

In order to keep RenSti running, we take a service fee.

At RenSti, we depend on our members. In fact, we cannot exist without you at all. Therefore, your trust in us is crucial. We strive to manage your trust in the best and most transparent way possible.

What follows is in-depth review of the distribution.

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75% for climate-friendly projects

The vast majority of money goes to the projects. We actually cover your emissions 150%. We do this for two reasons: we don’t just want to make you carbon neutral. We want to do more than that. At the same time, there is little uncertainty associated with these projects. Among other things,  Denmark’s green think tank CONCITO recommends that you compensate 25% more than necessary. We want to be 150% sure that your contribution is fulfilling its purpose, which is why we compensate your emissions 150%.

There is also a small “buffer” fee included. It protects us from having to upgrade prices due to possible price changes when we change projects on an ongoing basis. If we have surplus from this “buffer” fee at the end of the year, the money goes to remove even more carbon. In this way, we secure ourselves and you from unpleasant price changes, without compromising our common goals – to reduce carbon emissions.

25% for spreading the message and for operating

The vast majority of the last 25% go to spread the message. As a small organization we can make a small difference, but as a large organization we can make a big difference. We want to make a huge difference, and therefore it is necessary to invest energy and money in getting more members.

Getting the word out about us to as many people as possible is an important part of our goal. So you pay 75% to compensate for yourself, and 25% to get the message out. Our perspective on this is, if the 25% makes a brand new member sign up, you have indirectly compensated twice.

At once, 25% may look like a lot. So it is, but if we compare to other organizations that do the same work, it is actually much lower than average.
In our previous project with climate-friendly stoves, a maximum of 19.5% of the amount went to the project if you bought it through the Gold Standard. In contrast, if you  supported the project through RenSti, 75% of the amount went to the project directly. 


A small portion also goes to pay operating expenses. We have a single man who gets what amounts to less than a state educational support. That’s because Oliver dropped out of university to focus 100% on the fight against global warming. And it makes so much more sense that he spends his time with RenSti, rather than with any other random job. Imagine if you could make the world a better place at work. That’s our dream.

In addition, there is a small expense associated with domain, office space and payment service.

We strive for maximum transparency, so if there are any parts that you are in doubt or just have questions about, you are always welcome to write to us.

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