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Forestry and protection of forest and methane capture.

At RenSti, we offer our members to choose between the following projects: Planting and protection of forest or Methane capturing. Both projects have the same carbon-reducing effect. We offer our members the opportunity to choose a project, as we would like to involve our members as much as possible in the fight for a more sustainable future.

You can read more about the projects here:

At RenSti, we once in a while switch between the projects that our members’ money goes to. Below you can read about our previous project.

Many of the world’s poorest cook on coal burning stoves. Coal burning is inherently harmful to the environment. When these inefficient stoves waste a lot of heat, it means even more coal needs to be burned to make the food. In this way an incredible amounts of carbon is emitted every day and that contributes to global warming. Not to mention that many poor farmers suffer because they are surrounded by  the smoke from the stoves all day long. Unfortunately, the peasants are so poor that they cannot afford to change their situation. They live from growing corn, and many families spend up to 18% of their annual income on coal. At the same time, a large part of the corn harvest is unsuccessful. The failed cobs of heaps accumulate and are burned in huge piles around the fields.

With Impact Carbon as partners, RenSti joins in and supports the production of climate-friendly cookers. These climate-friendly stoves can be burned with the unsuccessful corn harvest and other agricultural waste. This will replace the coal with carbon-neutral biofuels, and the excess agricultural waste that was previously burnt in large piles will now be used for cooking. Should it be necessary to add extra fuel in the form of coal, the new stoves also burn much more efficiently, thus consuming only a fraction of the former amount of fuel. This project takes place in the poor Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou provinces of China.

The stoves are not given away for free, but with your support, the prices are kept so low that the farmers actually have the opportunity to buy them. In the longer term, the large sums of money save on fuel, which can instead be spent on e.g. medicine and food. In addition, many families do not emit excessive amounts of carbon every single month, which otherwise contributes to the fact that China is at the forefront when it comes to the largest climate sinners in the world. Finally, families release the noxious smoke from coal burning stoves, which is believed to be responsible for more than 500,000 premature deaths each year.

The project is verified by the World Standard Fund’s Gold Standard. This means that Gold Standard continuously monitors that the project produces as many stoves as they claim and that each stove saves as much coal and carbon as claimed. It is our and your guarantee that we will actually save the carbon we pay for.

Together with the Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard is the most respected and thorough verification you can get, which is why we have chosen a Gold Standard project this time.

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